Controller Pro U

The old way: Connect Wii Remote to MotionPlus, then Connect Motion Plus to Classic Controller, then Connect Wired Classic

Controller and clips onto Wii Remote housing. It still had a bother some wire. Forget all that unnecessary complexity!

One ultimate game controller for you!

- Additional joysticks and buttons expand in-game competitive control.

- Infinite gaming with internal rechargeable battery.

3-in-1 Triple Functionality

REMOTE: Motion Controland Speakers

CLASSICCONTROLLER: Retro D-PadClassic Layout

PRO CONTROLLER: Analog Joysticks, Triggers, Vibration Motors


Frequently Asked Questions. FAQ's

The controller is compatible with Android. How does that work? The Android operating system can regognize the controller as a Wii Remote. 

From the Android market download your favorite Wii Remote app to your device. Some gamers prefer Wiimote Controller, Wii Controller Demo, Wii Controller IME, or SimpleWiiController.

While running the WiiMote Controller app. ( Push the button labeled “1. Init and Connect”. Now push the red ‘SYNC’ button on the back of the controller. The Controller should now be recognized and able to function. Next push the button labelled 2. Select WiiControllerIME. And Select your input method as WiiControllerIME. Finally start up a game on the android device. Get your game on!

 My D-Pad seems to be horizontal. Pushing D-Pad up and D-Pad down makes my character move left and right. What should I do?

The Tilt Sensor switch (on the back of the controller) selects between D-Pad horizontal and D-Pad Vertical layout. Switch it to match the game that you are playing.


The Controller Pro U does not function as a Nintendo Pro Controller.

The Wii and Wii U consoles recognize the controller as a Horizontal Wii Remote,  Vertical Wii Remote or a Classic Controller Pro (CCP). User selectable.

The Controller Pro was created as hybrid of the best parts of various controllers throughout the best of the gaming years.
Combining the Remote, Classic Retro Controller and Classic Controller Pro and compatible with the Wii and Wii U. Thus the name Controller Pro U. 

Remote: Motion Control and Speakers

Classic Controller: Retro D-Pad and Classic Layout

Pro Controller: Professional Controller with Analog Joysticks, Dual Triggers, and a Vibration Motor.

What does the Reset Button do?

The Reset button refreshes the Controller Pro U to original factory settings.


How do the 2 MODES work?

Wii Remote Mode: In Wii Remote mode, the D-Pad, A,B,X,Y Select, Start, Home and Power button are fully functional. Same as the original Wii Remote. The analog joysticks are not expected to function in the Wii Remote Mode, the analog Joysticks function in the Classic Controller Pro Mode. Check your game software for Wii Remote compatibility.

Classic Controller Pro Mode: In CCP Mode, all buttons are fully functional. Check your game software for Classic Controller Pro Mode compatibility.




Is Motion Plus, an Accelerometer and a Gyroscopic sensor built-in?

Yes, Motion Plus, an Accelerometer and a Gyroscopic sensor is built-in.